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Hi it's Nikhil here

I will tell you a secret

I am WORLD'S most favourite UX Designer

'WORLD' is the name of my pet fish

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An Intranet Portal of UST

As part of a team comprising 2 UX Designers and 2 UX Researchers, we crafted the intranet portal, elevating user experience to facilitate smooth employee interactions, amplify productivity, and optimize workflow efficiency.
My role as a UX designer encompassed creating new feature flows from scratch, wireframing, prototyping, presenting designs to clients and actively participating in the entire user research process.

Due to the project's private nature the designs, and features can not be displayed on a public forum.
Connect with me to know more




App for Central Museum of Nagpur

This project was a self-exploration project, I have Reimagined museum visits through an innovative app to revolutionize user interaction. By providing intuitive navigation, captivating exhibit insights, and interactive elements, the app elevates visitor engagement, fostering deeper connections with cultural heritage and enhancing overall exploration of museum offerings.

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A digital platform for online parties

Explored virtual socializing by crafting an immersive app that enables users to host and join online parties seamlessly. Through intuitive design and interactive features, the app is focused to revolutionize remote social gatherings, fostering connections, and creating memorable experiences in a digital environment.

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Online classes platform for college students

Explored higher education with a user-centric app facilitating seamless online classes for college students. Through fun and interactive functionalities, the app tries to recreate the classroom experience, promoting effective learning, student engagement, and academic excellence in a virtual setting.

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